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Powerful, automated analysis and design of quantum microwave devices

Version: 0.9.0


pyEPR is an open source, BSD-licensed library providing high-efficiency, easy-to-use analysis functions and automation for the design of quantum chips based on superconducting quantum circuits, both distributed and lumped. pyEPR interfaces the classical distributed microwave analysis with that of quantum structures and Hamiltonians. It is chiefly based on the energy participation ratio approach; however, it has since v0.4 extended to cover a broad range of design approaches. pyEPR stradels the analysis from Maxwell’s to Schrodinger’s equations, and converts the solutions of distributed microwave (typically eigenmode simulations) to a fully diagonalized spectrum of the energy levels, couplings, and key parameters of a many-body quantum Hamiltonian.

pyEPR contains both analytic and numeric solutions.



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